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self-guided tour

self-guided tours: how it works

Some people want to be shown around, some people want to go it alone. We get that, but we also know how hard/awkward it can be to wander into a bar or restaurant, be unable to read the menu, communicate with staff, or even know you are in a restaurant at all! For this reason, we have developed Osaka’s first self-guided night tours.


All tours include:

  • A reservation at one of our favourite restaurants

  • A translated menu (with recommendations) that both you and the staff can understand

  • Key phrases (if you dare!) to get your first drinks ordered

  • Custom designed maps to help you find exactly where you are going

  • After-dinner bar recommendations with maps

our guarantee

​It has taken us months of delicious research to find the places we want to share with you. To protect the atmosphere of the restaurants themselves and to prevent them becoming full of travellers, there will only be one slot available each night at each of our listings. Please help us out with this and refrain from publishing names and addresses of restaurants on your personal websites/social media accounts – feel free to do this at the bars though!

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  One stop from the office towers and international hotels of Umeda, Fukushima is a maze of alleyways, backstreets and shopping arcades that has a reputation amongst Osakans as one of the best places to eat and drink in the city (and therefore the world!). Countless bars and eateries compete for your attention as post work drinkers hop from one spot to another and the evening turns into night.


  Much less touristy than other parts of the city, some of our favourite spots have no English menu and no Trip Advisor listing, but don't let that stop you! Expect superb food, refreshing drinks, exceptional service and a true Japanese night-time atmosphere. Use our custom-made maps and menus to navigate from eatery to eatery to drinkery and back again.

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