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Explore authentic Osaka flavors on a weekday late lunch walking tour through the massive underground arcades in the Osaka Ekimae Buildings in Umeda.

・ from 13:00 to 16:00

・ from 17:00 to 20:00

・ ¥11,000 per person

・3 hour tour

・Bilingual guide

・4 food & drink stops

・All food provided

・1 drink in each venue

   (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)

what's on the tour?

- contentB-underground_arcades.png

Underground Arcades galore

Explore labyrinthine arcades stretching for miles underneath the Osaka Ekimae Buildings. Enjoy authentic local food in the subterranean playground where Osaka's salarymen and women come to de-stress after work.

・Guided walking tour.

- contentB-OsakaFoods.png

Authentic Cuisine

Enjoy a selection of Osaka foods in 4 venues. These "Osaka Ekimaebiru" are as far from a tourist trap as possible, with menus in Japanese and extremely local clientele.

Taste what brings Osaka's hungry office workers coming back here for lunch and post-work meals.

・Delicious Osaka foods.

・Recommendations in each restaurant.

- contentB-Drinks_Selection.png

4 Drinks Provided

Enjoy a drink with each stop on your food tour. Of course non-alcoholic drinks, but also alcoholic drinks are available, allowing you to make your lunch as boozy as you desire.

・Your first drink provided in 4 venues.

・Alcoholic drinks available.

・Non-alcoholic options available.

- contentB-HistoricalTales.png

Osaka Stories

A rich history of characters and tales come together to make Osaka the uniquely vibrant city it is today.  Learn why through insights and stories from your local expert guide.

・Historical facts and local knowledge.

・Ask your guide anything.

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