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self-guided tour in Fukushima

how it works

​First, choose a restaurant style from the three options below and make your booking via credit card, we will then make a reservation for you (at 7pm), and send you a link to our online guide.  You can download the PDF file or follow the route online to locate your restaurant, plus a generous selection of our favorite bars and nightlife spots.  Choose the path that appeals most, and enjoy a local experience at your own pace!

option #1


Lively and really popular, this yakitori izakaya specialises in all things chicken and is a magnet for groups of friends and couples. It has an amazingly extensive menu, a very talented chef and very cool low key Japanese décor (think walls of sake bottles, natural wooden tables and low lighting). Check out cherry tomatoes stuffed with minced chili chicken, Shiso spring rolls and grilled sweet onion with rock salt!

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option #2


Many visitors eat okonomiyaki at chain restaurants with English speaking staff. What a waste! This place is run by a pair of 70-something ladies who have lived their whole life in Osaka. It hasn’t been decorated in decades and everyone seems to know each other. Expect a trip to retro Japan, the most authentic okonomiyaki in town and 2 of the most unique characters you could ever meet.

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option #3

YAKINIKU - korean-style bbq

Your night at this rowdy eatery under the train tracks begins with a fiery coal bbq being delivered to your table as you pull up a stool and order your first beer. Your next order will be a range of pork and beef cuts and vegetables, all of which will be delivered raw with dipping sauces and tongs. The fun begins as you grill your own food and take in the noise of the locals and the smoke of your bbq! Atmospheric, unique, meaty and delicious, a no brainer!

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