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This page will help you navigate your way through the backstreets of Fukushima to create your own Osaka night. Scroll down through the guide below for details and directions to each destination as our recommendations!

How it works


1. Head to 'Ofukuchan' at 7pm for your reserved meal, tell them your name and get settled.

2. Your server will bring you a translated menu (with recommendations). Order and enjoy!

3. Start your walking tour! Pick which establishments to explore based on your own tastes and energy. 

4. Follow the map, drink, laugh, talk to people and don't be shy!

NB. We will do our best to keep you up to date with opening days and times, but there is always a chance a place will be full/closed/having a private event. In this case, just head to the next place and enjoy! 

part one - dinner



Many visitors eat okonomiyaki (Osaka’s signature pancake dish) alongside other tourists at chain restaurants with English speaking staff. What a waste! This place is run by a pair of 70-something ladies who have lived their whole life in Osaka. It hasn’t been decorated in decades and everyone seems to know each other. The beansprout stir fry is ridiculously delicious and the okonomiyaki is everything an okonomiyaki should be. Expect a trip to retro Japan, the most authentic okonomiyaki in town and 2 of the most unique characters you could ever meet.

part two - walking tour



Literally meaning ‘standing drinking’, no night out in Fukushima is complete without a visit to a ‘tachinomi’. Regulars stand around the crescent shaped bar and set the world to rights over hot sake and cold beer, wriggle in amongst them, grab yourself a drink and join in the fun!

Our Recommendation:

Hot Sake: Say 'Atsukan Kudasai' and smile at the bar tender!


Meet Aya! Fukushima’s most in-the-know night owl opened her own bar 8 years ago and has been keeping punters happy with her infectious smile and amazing personality ever since. Cool décor and a great menu with bottled craft beers to Japanese liquor and everything in between make. Aya speaks English and knows the area better than anyone, if you wanna head on into the small hours, she is the girl to ask!


Our Recommendation:

Apple bourbon!


Run by an eccentric Japanese pensioner and his pet bulldog, Anniversary is hip without hipsters. Nestled under the train tracks, the tiny establishment attracts locals who wile away the hours eating free peanuts, chatting and laughing as impromptu live singers, guitarists and jazz musicians keep them entertained.

Our Recommendation:

Chilled White wine by the glass


One of Osaka’s hippest craft beer bars is all about the little touches. Great interior design, custom made beer mats and light fittings made of saucepans! Cool young bar staff know beer inside out and their 8 craft taps are more than enough for quick pints or long slow sessions.

Our Recommendation:

Craft Beer flight tasting set 


(Takoyaki and Sake)

Understated, dark and cool, Takoya sounds like an odd combination (high class octopus dumplings and sake?!) but we promise you it works! Sake is colour coded and divided by price and the dumplings are all made fresh and to order!

Our Recommendation:

Original Nihonshu Cocktail!