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ROR Comedy Club

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  STAND UP COMEDY CLUB - Comedy is one of the things that Osaka is famous for, but it's hard to appreciate if you can't speak Japanese.  But every Friday and Saturday night starting at 9pm, you can enjoy an intimate show in an authentic local spot, all in English, and all for just 1,000 yen entry.  The basement under "L&L" is the perfect comedy dungeon. ^_-


  I Recommend - checking it out for a fantastic, relaxed, funny addition to your Osaka experience.


Open: from 21:00 til about 22:30 Fri & Sat nights


- location -

Pub Passport Gift!


  When you buy your first drink in this venue, show your pub passport to receive a free shot!  They will mark your present as used, and you'll receive delicious free booze.

Ask the bartenders which shots are available for this offer.


ROR Comedy Club is #1 on the map, under "L&L".

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