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  KARAOKE BAR - Don’t let the name fool you - the only thing X-rated in this cozy bar is how sexy you’ll look screaming out classic songs with a bunch of strangers.  Take the lift to the 5th floor, hang a left and you’ll stumble upon it.


  I Recommend - don’t be scared by the abandoned-looking corridor on the 5th floor.  It’s part of the charm.


Open: 21:00 til late Fri & Sat, from 22:00 other nights


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Pub Passport Gift!


  When you buy your first drink in this venue, show your pub passport to receive a free shot!  They will mark your present as used, and you'll receive delicious free booze.

Ask the bartenders which shots are available for this offer.


Kama Sutra is #13 on the map

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