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The Hearth


  BOARD GAME PUB - A fantastic way to spend an evening or afternoon - enjoying games with friends and strangers nestled in amongst the alleyways of scenic Uranamba.  Add to that with tasty pub food, a range of alcoholic beverages and a fantastic rooftop space with Sunday movie nights projected on the building next door.


  I Recommend - asking the staff for game recommendations, and trying Jake's delicious food.


Open: Open 6pm (lunchtime on weekends), close at around midnight


- location -

Pub Passport Gift!


  When you buy your first drink in this venue, show your pub passport to you won't have to pay the normal 500 yen charge to play games!  They will mark your present as used, and you'll have the run of their massive game collection.


Farplane is #4 on the map

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