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・ from 18:00 to 20:30

・ ¥8,000 per person

・2.5 hour tour

・bilingual guide

・3 food stops

・All food provided

・1 non-alcoholic drink in each venue


What's on the tour?

Begin the tour in backstreets near a convenient train station.  Enjoy our favorite local places - colorful characters and delicious food awaits!


Our first food stop is something Osaka is famous for, delicious chicken "yakitori" goodness.  Fear not veges - we've got plant-based tasty treats for you too!


Enjoy the lights of Ten-Shiba, gazing up at Abeno Harukas, Japan's tallest building.  Learn the history of the city, as we take an easy stroll to downtown Osaka.


Osaka has thousands of years of history as a port city, and our tour begins atop the hill that gives the city its name!  Glean cultural insights and learn what makes Osaka such a colorful, unique city.


Enjoy a guided tour through notorious Nishinari, one of Japan's most uniquely gritty neighborhoods.  Old-school Osaka, karaoke bars, gentrification-tensions, and some wonderfully twisting alleys.


Perhaps Osaka's most famous food, this savory pancake is something visitors shouldn't miss.  We'll take you to our favorite backstreet venue for an authentic taste of this iconic taste treat.


An entertainment district for over a hundred years, with iconic Osaka tower, and all the lights, sights and fun-filled nights that Shinsekai has to offer.


Kushikatsu was born in this neighborhood, and it doesn't get any better than how its made here.  Join your guide in our favorite venue to gorge on the best deep-fried skewers.


There's plenty to see and do post-tour!  Play old-school video games, drink in tiny bars, enjoy karaoke with the locals, or head North to the nightlife in Namba.  Your guide will give you some great advice for those whose evening has only just begun.

Why come out with us?

  Osaka is Japan's capital of food and on this tour, your bilingual guide will show you why. Explore local neighborhoods, enjoy great food at three unique restaurants and discover why Osaka is known as the nation's kitchen.

 We will begin at our favorite yakitori joint in the alleys of Tennoji before strolling down the hill that gives Osaka its name and into the backstreets! Get an authentic taste of okonomiyaki at a proper old-school restaurant in Osaka's most notorious and unique neighborhood (Nishinari) before heading over to the bright lights of Shinsekai. Take in the unique atmosphere of the birthplace of kushikatsu while gorging on deep-fried skewers and learning about this quirky and fun part of town!

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