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ball pool bar Dive


  BALL POOL BAR - There are few things that bring out ones inner child than a ball pit. "I know!" thought one Osaka pundit. "Let's add alcohol!  How could it go wrong?"  Enjoy a dive into childhood with a dive into a pit of plastic balls.  A fun novelty experience that's far from everyday for all of us over the age of 6.


  I Recommend - buying drinks to support the bar, and practicing your best ball dolphin impression.


Open: from 20:00, every night


- location -

Pub Passport Gift!

prez-free entry.png

  When you buy your first drink in this venue, Show your pub passport when you enter this venue, and while you will immediately have to buy your first drink, you won't have to pay the normal 500 yen entry charge!  They will mark your present as used, and you can have all the plastic balls you can bounce off your chin.  Please buy more drinks to support the bar.


Dive is #10 on the map

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