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・from 17:00 to 19:30

・¥3,500 per person

・bilingual guide

・2.5 hour walking tour

・welcome drink

・mid-tour snacks

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What's on the tour?

A cheeky beverage to accompany you on the first leg of the walking tour.  Alcoholic or non-alcoholic.


What's Japan's first ghost story?  What's the difference between Shinto & Buddhism?  Would you move in to a haunted house?  What's with all those Japanese scary-hair-lady ghosts?


Explore twisting backstreets off the beaten track.  See old-school Japan, with narrow row-houses, abandoned buildings, a traditional bath house, and more.  How does an aging neighborhood and old traditions face the future in modern Japan?


Osaka is home to uniquely lively characters, with tales of murder, mutilation, revenge and ridiculousness. Between the site of Japan's longest siege, its biggest slum, a historic prostitution district, and a tasty craft beer brewery, there's plenty of stories to be told.


Grab some snacks along the way to enjoy a taste of Osaka, and support some great local businesses at the same time.

・simple snacks provided


Honor versus criminality, the Japanese mafia (Yakuza) are an anomaly in law-abiding Japan.  Where did these famous outlaw clans come from?  How do they function in modern society?  Where do the missing fingers go?


An entertainment district for over a hundred years, enjoy famous Osaka tower, plus the lights, sights and fun-filled nights that Shinsekai has to offer.

  Your guide will give you some post-tour advice, and you've got lots of options. Old-school arcades, fantastic food, tiny bars, karaoke with the locals, or head North to the nightlife in Namba.



You'll get our "Pub Passport". It introduces you to our favorite lively venues around Namba & Shinsaibashi, with free shots, discount drinks and nightclub entry when you buy your first drink in each place.

・you get our Pub Passport guide.

・over 3,000 worth of gifts.*

* when you buy your first drink in these venues

What's the tour about?

Take a backstreet walking tour through the dark underbelly of Osaka, with tales of the macabre, sprinkled with humor and cultural insights.  Prepare for winding backstreets, ghost stories, Shinto myths, tragic suicides, lonely deaths, abandoned properties, yakuza crimes, slum riots, and more.  A side of the city you won’t find in a tourist brochure, a fun window into deep, dark Osaka.

・ from 17:00 to 19:30

¥3,500 per person

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